Released on October,2014

* All is wrong 12inch | Buy Now
Label: SPHC (USA)
* Messenger From The Darkness 12inch | Buy Now
Label: Mass Deadening (Canada)
* Split 7" w​/​Shitfun | Buy Now
Label: B.O.G Records (Belgium)
* Split 7" w​/​New York Against Belzebu | Buy Now
Label: SPHC (USA)
* Split 7" w​/​Lotus Fucker | Buy Now
Label: SPHC (USA)
* Split 7" w​/​Anxiety Disorder | Buy Now
Label: Vleesklak Records, Omega Warfare Records, Samizdat Records , Legs Akimbo Records
* Split 7" w​/​No Comply | Buy Now
Label: Ratgirl Records (USA), Jerk Off Records (USA)
* Split tape w​/​Platemaker, Psychotic Sufferance, Gorgonized Dorks | Buy Now
Label: Cruel Nature Records (UK)
* Split tape w​/​KAYAK | Buy Now
Label: B.O.G Tape (Belgium)
* Split tape w​/​Spastic Burn Victim | Buy Now
Label: Grindfather Production(UK)
* Split tape w​/​Tu Sufres | Buy Now
Label: Not On Label (Self Released by Tu Sufres)
* Split tape w​/​To Die | Buy Now
Label: Samstrong Records (Indonesia)
* "Sacrifice" tape (USA Edition) | Buy Now
Label: Haunted Hotel Recored (USA)
* "Sacrifice" tape (Malaysia Edition) | Buy Now
Label: Revulsion Records, Dendo Records and Noise Mongers Records
* "Hospital Collections" EPCD-R | Buy Now
Label: Terceiro Mundo Chaos Discos (Brazil)
* T-shirt and Sweater
Available on 7S7 shop and

Show | Jan 12, 2015 at Koiwa bushbash (Tokyo,JP)

Venue: bushbash (Tokyo,Japan)
w/Die Pigeon Die, Patisserie, Realized, Oniku, Go-zen, Facialmess , Reincarnation

Show | Nov 30, 2014 at Uguisudani What's Up (Tokyo,JP)

Venue: Uguisudani What's Up (Tokyo,Japan)
w/Zenands Gots, analsticks , World Wide Size, Bumbums
Charge:1500yen | Open/17:30 Start/18:00

SETE STAR SEPT Australia & New Zealand tour 2014

* Thur,Nov 6 - Geelong
Venue: The Dive bar | w/Umbilical Tentacle, Diploid, Cynical Fuckwit, Smack Baby
* Fri,Nov 7 - Melbourne
Venue: The Bendigo Hotel w/Internal Rot, ASBESTOSISIS, Holy Boner, Terror Strike and Unnatural Birth
* Sat,Nov 8 - Auckland,New Zealand
Venue: The Lucha Lounge w/Bloodnut, Helgorithms, Bridge and Son of Sun
* Sun,Nov 9 - Wellington,New Zealand
Venue: Valhalla
* Tue,Nov 11 - Brisbane
Venue: Sun Distortion | w/Coffin Birth, Idylls and Shitgrinder
* Wed,Nov 12 - Newcastle
Venue: The hamilton station hotel w/GRANNYFIST, ALF STEWART, PIECE OF SHIT
* Thur,Nov 13 - Sydney
Venue: The Valve bar | w/Michael Crafter, The Holiday Project, Canine, Frame 313, Hacked To Chunks
* Fri,Nov 14 - Canberra
Venue: The Pot Belly Bar and Bistro | w/Michael Crafter, Machina Genova and BLIGHT WORMS
* Sat,Nov 15 - Melbourne
* Sun,Nov 16 - Adelaide (confirmed)

SETE STAR SEPT Australia & New Zealand Tour 2014

Show | Nov 1, 2014 at Koenji 20000V (Tokyo,JP)

Venue: Koenji 20000V (Tokyo,Japan)
w/Sithter, Zenocide, Zothique and Su19b

Released on July,2014

* Split Flexi 7" w/Final Exit | Buy Now
Label: Rage For All Records (USA)
* Split 7" w/Carcass Grinder | Buy Now
Label: B.O.G Records (Belgium)
* Split 7" w/Sedem Minut Strachu | Buy Now
Label: Awesome Mosh Power Records (Japan)
* 4way split 7" w/Archagathus, Diseksa, Terlarang | Buy Now
Label: Nuclear Alcholocaust Rec (France), B.O.G Records(Belgium), At war with false noise(UK), NHDIYS Record(France)
* Split tape w/Pissdeads | Buy Now
Label: NO BREAD! Rec (Russia)
* Russian tour 2014 Special EP tape | Buy Now
Label: Reforestation Records(Russia)
* Split tape w/Anti-Health | Buy Now
Label: Underground pollution records (France)
* Split tape w/Anxiety Disorder | Buy Now
Label: Vleesklak Records(Belgium)
* Split tape w/Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium | Buy Now
Label: Horns & Hoofs Records(Ukraine)
* Split tape w/Limbs Bin | Buy Now
Label: Follow Me Into The Laser Eye (USA)
* Split tape w/Two Million Tons Of Shit | Buy Now
Label: Blow The Reactors(UK), All Dead Tapes(UK)
* Split tape w/Local Fruits | Buy Now
Label: NHDIYSTREC (France)
Label: WIDEBLASTER (Japan)
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